Traveling within the USA? You need TH-USA.

TH-USA helps you avoid painful waits and costly ER visits. We provide travelers with telemedicine consultations for non-emergency medical needs.

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What is TH-USA?

TH-USA is a US-based telemedicine company dedicated to serving travelers to the United States.*  If you experience a non-emergency medical problem, TH-USA connects you with doctors who can address your health needs immediately. For an easy one-time fee, you are covered on an on-demand basis.

How does TH-USA Work?

  1. Click on Purchase and pick a plan based on the length of your trip. 
  2. Click on Contact a Doctor if you feel ill. 
  3. A doctor will contact you within minutes.
  4. Follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Why Should I Get TH-USA?

We've all heard nightmare stories of sick travelers having to go to the  emergency room. The result: painful waits and huge bills for non-emergency issues. We help you avoid this scenario while providing expert advice from a board-certified doctor. TH-USA is there for you when you need the peace of mind that our coverage brings.

*TH-USA Service is only offered to travelers to the USA over the age of 18.

Covering Las Vegas, NV. 

Having TH-USA is having peace of mind for Travelers.  More cities coming soon.




Easy, transparent pricing. One time fee. No hidden costs.

Protecting your health and providing peace of mind during your visit to the United States.

Getting TH-USA before your trip could be the best travel decision you ever make.

"What is Telemedicine?"

Telemedicine (also known as Telehealth) is the use of telecommunication and information technologies to provide health care at a distance. It involves phone call or video conferencing with a doctor. Telemedicine allows a doctor to diagnose non-emergency medical situations and call in prescriptions. The goal of TH-USA is to bring peace of mind to the traveler during their trip to the USA through the use of telemedicine. 

"What happens if I get sick and have questions, or need to talk to a doctor?

TH-USA protects you by eliminating this problem and connecting you with an available doctor immediately, allowing you to avoid costly, time-consuming visits to Emergency Care facilities. If you need, new or misplaced prescriptions can be called in to a local pharmacy for your convenience.

"How does TH-USA work?"

For a low enrollment fee before you embark on your trip, our certified network of doctors are available by phone at any hour of the day. Travel with the peace of mind knowing that you have  access to a doctor should you need one.  

Make your trip about the travel and not the trouble.


Stay covered while you travel.

Don't let an illness ruin your trip.